• Curt Mercadante

Your brand is not...

Your logo.

Your Web site.

Your color scheme.

Your latest digital ad.

Your latest TV ad.

Your podcast.

Your LinkedIn profile.

Your Facebook page.

Your Tweets.

Your Instagram stories.

Your blog.

Your email template.

Your funnel.

Your logo'd t-shirt.

Your logo'd hat.

Your logo'd pencils and paper.

Your daily videos.

Your "elevator pitch."

Your brand isn't any of those things.

Those are merely tools meant to communicate your brand.

If you haven't identified your ideal clients, and aligned what they want with what you offer to create an clear and compelling impact message — then the tools won't help.

Because it'll be garbage in/garbage out.

Ditch the tools (until later).

Build the foundation first.

Right message. Right clients.

That's the way to build the right revenue.

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