• Curt Mercadante

Your Brand is Energy

Each of our bodies is like a lamp.

That lamp is a material “thing” through which electricity flows.

The lamp itself is not the electricity. It’s simply a vessel for that electrical energy.

But the type of lamp will certainly determine how that energy shines.

Put a shade on the lamp, and you dim the light.

Treat the lamp like shit, or break it, and the energy won’t shine at all.

I like to define your brand as “how you influence others, and how others influence you.”

At that root of that influence is energy.

Your energy shines forth when you interact with others, through the content you produce, through presentations or speeches you give.

Not everyone will absorb and respond to your energy in the same way.

That’s fine. There is an “attract and repel” principle going on here.

You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

But when you start to focus intentionally on how you emit your energy into the world, and the type of energy you’re emitting, you become more in tune not simply with absorbing energy — but in providing value to others through your energy.

For example, if you wake up each morning focused on your sales goals and you can you get more clients to give you more money...

You’re only focused on taking energy; rather than providing helpful energy to others.

First, you’re invited to realize that the money paid to you by your clients is a form of energy.

They provide you their energy (money) in return from the energy you provide them (in terms of how you make a positive impact on their lives).

In fact, that’s how I like to define a business: Making a positive impact on someone else’s life.

The more positive, helpful energy you provide to someone else...

The more likely they are to return that energy to you.

This is the flow of prosperity.

Value-for-value exchange.

Energy-for-energy exchange.

On a personal note, I’ve noticed that when I’m in an “energy taking” mode (I.e., frustrated and focused on my monetary sales goals), my content and my sales conversations are less focused on providing value and more on “what can I do to take money from someone else.”

When that happens, my lamp is dim.

When my lamp is dim, the energy I’m putting out is darker.

When that happens, I’m less likely to achieve the goals I’m so focused on in the first place.

On the flip side, when I’m in an “energy giving” mode, I’m focused on helping. I’m focused on sharing. I’m happy to take the lamp shade off and illuminate where I can — not in a forceful manner, but in shining my light in dark spaces naturally.

It’s not just a better, more profitable way to sell.

It’s also a more fulfilling, less stressful, more rewarding way to live.

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