• Curt Mercadante

You Are Not Your Identity (Fear, Love, & Creativity Series)

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We hear a lot in the media about "identity" these days, especially in the realm of "identity politics."

There's nothing inherently wrong with identity — but the danger comes when you confuse your "identity" with who you actually are as a conscious being.

Our identity is constructed from the programming we receive throughout our lives. Some of that comes from our parents, our teachers, our peers, our media, etc.

Perhaps you identify as your religion, or your political party, or even by your favorite sports team.

Our feelings about these identities can become strong, especially when they are regularly reinforced by our peers, our families, our media. That's when it can veer into tribalism — putting on your "team jersey" and aggressively protecting your team and your place on the team.

While our feelings about our identity can be strong, they are NOT who we are as conscious beings. Hell, your physical body isn't actually who each of us truly is as a conscious being.

One thing about identities is that they are temporary. You can identify with a sports team, but then move to a different city, and change your identity.

So it goes with politics, religion, and other identities.

But part of your identity might also be your lifestyle. You and your partner might, for example, identify as that "fun couple" that meets everyone at the bar on Friday nights.

Your identity might be tied up in how you act or are perceived at school, or in the office.

Your identity might also be tied up with your body. Maybe you identify as "fat". Or you identify as "ripped".

Again, these things aren't inherently bad -- but when you confuse them with who you are as a conscious being, then fear can set in when those identities are threatened.

How would they become threatened? Well, perhaps politics, pandemic, lockdowns, moving to a new city or a new job.

Learn more in this podcast episode, which you can listen to above.

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