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When Scarcity Pimps React to Your Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

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“Don’t tell your dreams to small-minded people.”

That quote from Steve Harvey is so spot-on and the reason that so many people get infected with what I call the “Scarcity Virus.”

The small-minded people he speaks of are the “Scarcity Pimps” in our lives.

Those people who tell us to “play it safe” or “be practical” at all costs.

Those people who, when they see others taste success, react with something like, “must be nice” or “some people just have too much money.”

When these “pimps” are people in our family or network of friends or colleagues, it’s easy to get infected with their scarcity virus, succumbing to the doubt these people cast on our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

It’s important to remember that how the Scarcity Pimps react says so much more about their mindset than about your dreams.

Over the past fifteen years, my wife and I have made decisions for our family that have garnered predictable reactions from the Scarcity Pimps in our lives.

When we decided to homeschool our kids more than a decade ago, friends and family alike cast doubt about the harm we would do to our kids (our society.) Everyone seems to want to tell us about all the homeschoolers they’ve known who were “weird.” Just as many people want us to know that we’re doing a danger by not “socializing” our kids.

My favorite is when we mention to some people that we homeschool, and they respond with a very defensive, “Well, not everyone can do that, you know!”

When we decided to buy an investment home back in 2013, one relative told us, “Must be nice, moneybags.”

“What is he doing? How can they afford that?” people said behind our backs when I shut down my 7-figure agency and we began to travel around Europe.

And family told us directly (and behind our backs) of the danger we were doing to ourselves and our kids when, last year, we sold our home and most of our possessions and decided to travel around the country.

Even something as simple as me not eating gluten or processed sugar is met with jokes by friends and family alike.

We used to let it bother us until we realized that it’s not about us; it’s about them.

It’s about their realization that there might be another path than the one they’ve taken.

Sometimes it’s about them seeing the success of others and realizing what “could’ve been”.

Sometimes it’s about them seeing your discipline and risk-taking and feeling bad about their lack of the same.

Sometimes it comes down to simple, stupid tribalism and them feeling like you’re a traitor to “the team”.

Whatever it is, their reactions to your choices and your dreams is usually about them. And if the same people respond in the same way every time you tell them your hopes, dreams, and aspirations — then it’s time for you to learn to stop telling your dreams to those small-minded people.

Nobody — NOBODY — has the right to infect you with the Scarcity Virus. Not friends. Not family. Nobody.

And it’s up to you to tune out these pimps and focus and follow your signal.

When you succeed, some of those pimps will applaud; some won’t (Scarcity Pimps gonna Scarcity Pimp.)

But freedom comes when you stop caring what the pimps think or say about you, and you keep turning your thoughts into ideas to actions to generate the results you desire.

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