• Curt Mercadante

What did one rock say to the other rock?

The punchline...

Wait for it...

"I want to go on the ROCKing chair with you."

My seven-year-old son tonight made up that joke on the fly earlier tonight.

My wife's parents are in town, and we were all exchanging jokes.

Not to be left out, my seven-year-old told that "rock" joke.

Is it nonsensical? Yep.

Did we laugh hysterically? Absolutely.

We laughed, but not "at" him, and not out of pity.

We laughed because we loved the fact that he did his best to be creative to join in the fun.

Encouraging creativity in others isn't just a selfless act; it empowers others to be creative at a time when the world needs it most.

Last week, I posted on the importance of using "Yes, and..." more in our lives.

Constructive criticism isn't a bad thing.

But in a world of trolls and critics...

It's the creator who counts.

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