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The Scarcity Pimps vs. Richard Branson

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You might be a Scarcity Pimp if you were vocally critical of Richard Branson yesterday, because you feel that his investment in Virgin Galactic somehow diverts money away from other pressing needs in the world.

That's not how prosperity works.

Richard Branson has spent his career investing his time & treasure to create value and impact for others.

An airline. A music company. Media companies. Lifting up countless entrepreneurs.

He's created value and impact for others. That's how he became a billionaire.

And his funding of Virgin Galactic no more diverts money away from other pressing needs than does your purchase of your expensive latte from Starbucks, or your latest purchase of your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or other gadgets and gizmos.

Criticizing Brandon might make you feel better for a minute or two, but does nothing to help you lift yourself up...or lift up those around you.

Start creating value. Starting creating impact.

Transform your scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset.

That's when you'll begin to unleash your inner prosperity.

Which will help you, and those around you.



So the scarcity pins were out in full effect this weekend,

you know, ripping on Sir, Richard Branson for going into space.

He funded it by spending his career,

risking to create value and impact

for others and creating an airline record label lifting entrepreneurs up.

But to them that's not good enough. You see if a billionaire Like Richard,

Branson spends money to get into space.

That is somehow taking money away from them or taking money away from other causes that need it.

Listen, if you sit around just worrying about other people,

Adding and ripping on Sir, Richard Branson

for creating value and impact for leashing his Prosperity.

Are you in any way shape, or form lifting yourself up or lifting those around?

You know, you're venting you might make yourself feel better for like a minute or two,

but you're not helping yourself in no way shape or form.

Are you creating value and impact? That's how you Unleash Your Prosperity?

That's how you build a business. You create value and impact for other people.

So, Richard Branson has spent his entire career doing that

and this this scarcity notion that Richard Branson,

spending money to get into space. Somehow takes away from everyone else.

Let me ask you. When you go to Starbucks and buy that expensive latte,

are you taking money away from the poor?

When you go buy your iPhone pay your monthly bill for your iPhone?

When you go by your MacBook, are you taking away from other people?

You probably haven't thought about that. Right?

What are you also criticizing government

when they suck up tax money

and spend billions on infrastructure projects that aren't really infrastructure?

Of course not. You see a scarcity mindset looks at World looks at life,

like a finite pie. And if I eat a piece of pie,

I'm somehow taking away from the scarcity pins when we know,

thanks to human creativity and Innovation.

It's always been this way. We just bake more pies or make bigger pies.

See, that's an abundance mindset. If you are a scarcity pimp,

if you do have a scarcity mindset, here's the great news.

You can reprogram, but it takes every day instead of waking up and saying,

there's all these things that are wrong with the world, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

It's waking up and saying what's awesome about this world is

realizing that we live in amazing times.

You set a baseline of awesome and then he go from there.

What will make today even more? Awesome. That second question.

What will make today even more awesome? It acknowledges that there are things that could be better,

but you said a baseline of awesome. You start with gratitude,

right? You don't spend your time tearing others down,

you focus on how you can create value and impact and when you start to do that consistently,

you build an abundance mindset. You start to Unleash Your prosperity.

And get Prosperity into circulation and that's how you normally lift yourself up,

you lift up those around you.

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