• Curt Mercadante

The power of consistent, imperfect action

"Doing something half-assed, but doing it consistently, will beat the crap out of someone who is 'whole-assed,' but inconsistent."

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen me post that statement on several occasions.

Is the statement a bit exaggerated? Yes.

Am I implying that you shouldn't worry about having a good process? Nope.

Am I suggesting that you should engage in your activities "half-assed"? Not at all.

But here's the bottom line: You can differentiate yourself from 99% of your competitors by being consistent in your actions, even if your actions are imperfect.

Plenty of folks spend their time endlessly strategizing, coming up with the "perfect plan," and then when they're ready to take action...decide the plan needs even more perfecting.

Hiding behind "perfectionism" is a convenient way to avoid putting yourself out there.

It's an easy way to rationalize not risking "failure" by taking action.

Taking imperfect action, and doing it consistently, moves you forward (while others are stagnant).

Taking imperfect action, and doing it consistently, allows you to learn.

Learn. Optimize. Grow. Get better.

So I'm not saying a having a shitty plan is a good thing.

But someone with an awesome plan who fails to act consistently is going to remain stuck in the mud while you move forward and eat his or her lunch.

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