• Curt Mercadante

The Four Pillars of Building an Authority Brand

If you're a business owner, your business began as a thought.

That thought turned into ideas.

Your business is the manifestation of those ideas.

Those ideas, at their heart, are about how you make people's lives better. After all, that's what a business is about.

People pay you for a product or service that makes their lives better.

And even if your product or service is very similar to your competitors' -- your unique ideas on how to communicate the impact of the product or service make you an authority.

So, within your ideas lies your authority.

You are an authority on how you improve the lives of other people.

But not just any people: The right clients who will pay you the right amount of money.

How can you increase your authority brand exposure so you deliver the right message to the right clients so you can generate the right revenue?

During the next four days, I'll be posting here on the Four Pillars of Building an Authority Brand, but as a quick preview, here are the pillars:

  • Attention

  • Accuracy

  • Alignment

  • Authenticity

Please stop by tomorrow as we delve into Attention.

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