• Curt Mercadante

Step 1: Act like a human

Marketing automations are like guns.

They can be helpful and useful.

But they can also kill.

In the case of the former, they can kill your credibility, brand, and sales if you use them in the wrong way.

As a follow up to my post yesterday...

This morning, I got a LinkedIn message that was clearly an automation (one of many I receive every few days) from an accountant.

Looking back at my message history, it was the second such automated message I've received from this individual this month.

Earlier this month, right after this person requested to connect with me, I sent my usual follow up note to strike up an actual human conversation. This human message was ignored and I've received the two bot-automated messages since then.

As I wrote yesterday, it's individuals like this who lead people (wrongly) to say things like, "LinkedIn messages don't work."

Nope. They work for me (and the clients I train to use them correctly) just fine.

What doesn't work? Acting like a robot.

If someone came up to you at a real-life, in-person networking event and said, "hello, how are you today?"...

Would you ignore them and just start verbally vomiting your canned, three-paragraph, robotic, list of bullet points?

For some of you, I know that answer, unfortunately, is "yes."

For most of you, the answer is, "no, way" -- and yet you behave differently when it comes to connecting with fellow humans online.

It's not hard. Act like a human.

Automations aren't inherently bad. I've used them.

But, like a gun, it's how you use it that counts.

If you need help learning the skill, send me a message and let's get to work.

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