• Curt Mercadante

Our goal? FUN.

Some people understandably can't grasp why my wife and I decided last year to sell our home and most of our possessions and take our four kids on the road for a freedom travel adventure around the country.

It's not stable. It's not secure. It's not "safe".

"What's your goal for doing this?" someone recently asked my wife.

Before I answer that question, I'll pose another question to you, the reader...

"What's your goal in life?"

I'm not talking about your short-term goals — I'm talking about THE GOAL for your life?

In Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle, I write that the first pillar of living a life of freedom and fulfillment is having a clearly defined vision for your life. That vision is your guiding star that you reverse engineer so that you can better say "yes!" to the experiences and opportunities that move you toward your vision — and "no!" to those that don't.

This is counter to much of what we're told as we grow up in our society.

From the time we're old enough to go to school, the focus, we're told, should be on getting into a good school so you can get into a better school so you can get into the best school, making sure to do as many extracurriculars as possible, so you can get into the best college to major in the topic that will give you the best chance of getting a secure job so you can get married, have kids, get hooked up to a mortgage for a house in the best neighborhood, roped yourself into a loan for the best car, so you can put your kids on the same path.

Perhaps we can sum up that paragraph in one word: UTILITY.

My kids used to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. A cute show, and we'd have it playing in the background. One day, I really started to pay attention to the dialogue and the theme song.

The common theme that really piqued my interest: He's a really useful engine.

Those words are repeated in many forms in each show. The goal is being useful.

Here's a line from one of the show's songs:

He's a Really Useful Engine, you know
'Cause The Fat Controller, he told him so
Now he's got a branch line...
...To call his very own
He's the Really Useful Engine we adore

Be useful.

Useful to your boss.

Useful to society.

Useful according to the rules that others have laid out for you...

And the result will be adoration from your peers and those around you.

Three-plus years ago, when I woke up one morning and shut down my seven-figure agency at peak revenue — I had had enough of being useful.

I had spent years doing what I was supposed to do. Getting the college degree, earning the money, getting the big mortgage, paying the car payments.

And I certainly was useful, despite the anxiety attacks, the poor health, the not being present for my family.

I wasn't having fun. I wasn't fulfilled. I certainly didn't feel free. And those feelings made me feel guilty.

After all, I was programmed my entire life to be useful, not to have fun.

I was programmed to be useful, not to feel fulfilled.

I was programmed to be useful, not to feel free.

After releasing my book, I came to realize how many people were in similar situations.

So, back to the question about our "goal" for our current lifestyle.

Here's our goal: FUN.

Good, old-fashioned, spontaneous, fun.

Not just for me and my wife, but also for our kids. We want them to be programmed for the three Fs — fun, freedom, and fulfillment — rather than utility.

This doesn't mean life should be all chaos and no order. What it means is finding your own line between chaos and order that allows you to experience the three Fs.

Fun opens you up to make your decisions based love, instead of fear.

And that allows you to open yourself up to the creative flow that is your most potent superpower as a human being.

All of this can be a scary notion as it requires taking a worldview that is different than that you've probably held since you came out of the womb. It takes realizing that most of the rules we're told to follow were created by humans no more intelligent than you and me.

So, the goal for our family is fun.

What's yours?

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