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How to Build a Team of Superheroes

Building an aligned and high-performing team was enough of a challenge before the COVID Era.

Now, teams have to deal with the challenges of remote work, or the challenge of returning to the office and learning once again to work in physical proximity to one another.

How can leaders adapt to these challenges to build a Team of Superheroes?

First, how do I define such a team?

A Team of Superheroes is one in which individuals are empowered to unleash their unique superpowers and align them with those of their team members to achieve key outcomes that move the team forward.

Next Tuesday, I'm honored and pleased that a purposeful company here in the Austin, TX area has asked me to come in and help empower the superheroes on their management team.

First, we're going to unlock the individual talents of each team member. I like to call these talents their "untapped superpowers." They are those naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that can be productively applied.

When you invest in those talents, you turn them into strengths. And we know that getting into your strengths zone is the best way to be more productive, efficient, and profitable in your job.

Don't believe me? Try this quick exercise...

  • Take out a pen and paper.

  • Using your dominant hand, write this sentence three times in cursive: "I use my strengths every day."

  • How long did it take you to write that sentence three times?

  • Now, using your non-dominant hand, write that same sentence three times.

  • How long did it take you to write that sentence three times with your non-dominant hand?

You see, whether or not your are right- or left-handed is a talent.

Writing in cursive is a skill.

When you combine that talent with your skill you turn it into a strength.

When I facilitate this activity in workshops and trainings, there are usually groans and there is some nervous laughter when I ask everyone to write with their non-dominant hand. Further, while it usually takes a group around 20-30 seconds to write the sentences with their dominant hand, it can take up to three minutes for the group to complete writing with their non-dominant hand.

That's because writing with your dominant hand combines talent and skill to get you in your strengths zone. So its quicker, more efficient, and more legible/less sloppy.

Apply this now to the rest of your day.

Imagine doing the equivalent of forcing yourself to "write with your non-dominant hand" in all of your tasks throughout the day. Takes longer. Less fun. Less efficient. Sloppier.

It's no surprise that Gallup finds that people who learn to use their strengths every day have 7.8% productivity, and teams that receive strengths-based feedback have 8.9% profitability.

It's these teams in which the individual members get to use their strengths.

And when you take your strengths and then combine them with your knowledge, your skills, your passion, your engagement, and your love -- you turn them into superpowers.

Teams on which individuals get into this Superpowers Zone and align each other's superpowers to achieve key outcomes in advancement of the team vision are...

Teams of Superheroes.

I'm really looking forward to starting back up our live Team of Superheroes trainings across the country (we've' been doing them virtually for the past year).

If you're interested in learning more about these trainings for your team, you can book a call with me here or call me at 843-300-5075.

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