• Curt Mercadante

Guard your schedule with your life

One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs with whom I work is: TIME.

Not enough time to make those calls.

Not enough time to create content.

Not enough time to .... well, you name it.

There are a number of priority and time management tools we employ to help them create more time (yes, I wrote create more time), but the bottom line is that you need to guard your schedule with your life.

Some clients and potential clients click on my calendar link and are frustrated or surprised to find that there aren't a ton of available times. I'm pretty open that this isn't because I'm busy.

It's because I protect my schedule.

I don't jam-pack it because my work schedule is no more important than my family schedule and my self-care schedule.

There are always large blocks of unscheduled time in my day.

That gives me the flexibility to add calls as I choose to do so.

But it also gives me time to think and achieve my outcomes without distraction.

I've set strict rules about how many 1:1 consulting calls I'll do in a day; how many podcasts I'll appear on in a week, etc., etc.

Those rules are there to protect me and my energy. Not just for reasons that benefit me -- but because each of my clients deserves me at max energy.

My family deserves me at max energy.

I deserve me at max energy.

To do this, I set strict rules on my calendar link -- and I like to time block certainty into my weeks two weeks in advance. It's this certainty that helps me plan, and also to protect the "empty" time blocks in my day.

And it's those empty time blocks that not only serve as buffers in between tasks; they also allow me to be spontaneous and do whatever the hell I want with that time.

You own your time.

Guard it with your life.

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