• Curt Mercadante

Fight Conformity with Compassion

"When you show that you're not a conformist, that you're an individual, and other people see that and say...

"'Wait, there's nothing wrong with being an individual...I'm going to be an individual, too...perhaps that's the best way for us to fight against the conformity and the fear...

"It's just to live lives on our own terms, and do it in a loving, compassionate way."

That's just a brief excerpt from my interview today with Bryan Hyde, host of The Bryan Hyde Show, which you can listen to here:

As Bryan writes in the show notes:

"With all the bad news being blasted at us daily, it's easy to feel helpless. Curt Mercadante joins me with a message that you need to hear. His take on fear, love and creativity is a powerful antidote to the industrial-strength negativity being blasted at us daily."
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