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Control your branding platforms

Apple is changing its podcasting platform, and that's giving indigestion to those hosts and advertisers who've based their revenue models on the previous way in which Apple tracked "subscribers" and downloads.

This situation echoes the situation several years ago, when Facebook changed to a "pay to play" model for businesses and organizations to reach followers of their Facebook pages.

A few years ago, I was able to get upwards of hundreds of thousands of video views on LinkedIn (and consistently tens of thousands of views), until that platform changed its algorithm.

Bottom line: Recognize that you don't own the social media platforms and that it is the prerogative of the tech companies to change their models in order to chase revenue.

Build platforms that you can control to hedge your bets against and to avoid becoming victims of the tech owners of your social media real estate.

This is the topic of today's episode of The Authority Brand Podcast. You can listen at the audio player below, or listen on Apple, Spotify, or Amazon.

What are some ways you gain control of your branding platforms?

Well, for example, I started this blog last month to build a "non-algorithm" platform to which I can communicate to my ideal audience. Some of you will subscribe to my email newsletter. While email platforms aren't "guaranteed," email certainly has been a constant over the past twenty years, versus the ever-changing world of social media.

We're also building a podcast network apart from the "big platforms" in conjunction with a national network of local news sites. It will be a network for our clients in which they can capture their own audience, and hedge their bets against the changing whims of Apple and Spotify.

Earlier this year, I interviewed bestselling author and hall of fame speaker Randy Gage on the podcast. He's been blogging every day for many years. It's a platform he controls and on which he focuses. Does he use social channels, such as Twitter, to share his blog posts? Yep. But his blog "real estate" is one that can be a constant, and broadcast via any social media channel, including new ones that will come along in future years.

We'll soon feature sales expert Joe Pici on the podcast. His main social channel, like mine, is LinkedIn. On a past episode of my former podcast, I asked Joe what he would do if LinkedIn ceased to exist. He simply held up his phone, which is his bulletproof platform. Yes, the phone.

When you put yourself entirely at the mercy of the tech companies whose social media platforms you're using (likely for free), you're making yourself a victim of those companies.

Start investing your own real estate. Hedge your bets.

Take control of your brand.

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