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AUTHENTICITY: The Fourth Pillar of Building an Authority Brand

During this past week, we've been posting about The Four Pillars of an Authority Brand. You can find all of the posts here:

...which brings us to the fourth pillar: AUTHENTICITY.

If you recall from our post on Attention -- we only include it first because it's what you expect; it's where most business people start, but unfortunately stop.

We list Attention first, but we work on it last. This is where Authenticity comes in.

I'm talking about true authenticity, not the "fake" authenticity you see on social media from people who fall all over themselves to compete to say the most outrageous, angry, sorrowful, critical, or otherwise attention-grabbing things, all in the name of being "authentic" or "raw."


True authenticity is built when you show up every day; truthfully, factually, bringing in third-party credibility.

It's built when you show up consistently to communicate your impact message to your ideal clients.

You know it's built when your clients meet you (in person, on the phone, or online) and realize that you're not a different person from the one you portray in your social media videos.

When you do all this, you build the "know, like, and trust" factor that is going to lead people to buy from you.

This is the attention that matters.

This is when the "first pillar" comes into play.

You can't skip to the end, however, without first building the strong foundation of ideal clients and impact message. It takes all four pillars to support your brand structure.

  • Radically and clearly identify your ideal client.

  • Reverse engineer what that client wants to craft a compelling impact message.

  • Align your purpose with the positive impact your clients get from working with you.

  • Consistently, truthfully, factually communicate that message to those clients.

If you'd like some more resources on The 4 Pillars:

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