• Curt Mercadante

Are you building an audience or building a business?

Building an audience is not the same thing as building a business.

When I owned my agency, many of my corporate and large trade association clients focused on The Law of Big B.S. Numbers.

They only cared about size of audience.

More clicks. More views.

Did any of it move the needle?

Depends on your definition of moving the needle, but the big audience numbers impressed the bosses and the board members.

If you’re a small business — are the big audience numbers moving the needle?

A few years ago, I became addicted to the big numbers. Every time I posted on LinkedIn, I was able to get 30,000-300,000 organic video views.

So I kept posting content that would drive those numbers.

Did the content speak to my ideal client? Well, I have no idea since my concept of ideal client flew out the window.

My goal became the dopamine hits. I was building an audience instead of a business.

My revenue numbers showed it, and compared to now, when my audience numbers are a small fraction of what they were then, but my revenue numbers are many multiples higher -- well, let's just say I'll take profit over audience.

It’s a common challenge. Many potential clients who come to me are looking for "vanity vendors" (i.e., people who will help get them more audience.) That's not me. So some people take a pass.

I'm not saying audience isn't important, but don't confuse it with building a business.

Consider The Law of the Few: If you’re interested in building a business, it’s not about the hundred people who see your message, it’s about the few who saw your message who are your ideal client persona.

It’s these people who want what you offer. It’s these people who can be helped by what your product or service.

Attract those ideal clients to you with your impact message, then work your sales process to bring them into a conversation about how you can help them.

Some of those folks will become paying clients.

But the Law of the Few isn’t sexy. It won’t make you famous.

Which leads me back to the title of this post.

Are you more interested in becoming famous by building an audience?

Or is your goal to be more profitable by building a business?

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