• Curt Mercadante

Are you a bot or a human?

Technology makes it easier than ever to replace true action, engagement, and connection with things like “hashtag self-care” or “button click advocacy.” Do you limit your self-care to simply sharing motivational memes on Facebook ... and then wonder why your life isn't changing for the better?

Why vote or help in your community when you can simply “like” the page of your favorite politician? (And I apply this to ALL political parties.)

Why head to church when you can watch a 30-second video of your favorite preacher on Facebook?

And "civic duty" includes staying up late, arguing with people with whom you disagree on political issues, right? For many people, button-pushing has replaced engagement, connection, and community.

This seems especially true in the COVID era. Stop being a bot.

Stop merely posting about change and wishing it would happen.

Make it happen. A hashtag or a gif won’t save your life or the world around you, but getting your ass off the couch and living intentionally just might.

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