• Curt Mercadante

Are you programmed for scarcity, or programmed for abundance?

Each of us is programmed in some way. It's starts when we're young children.

This programming explains many of our thoughts and behaviors, as well as our limiting, bogus beliefs.

Some programming is good. Some not-so-good.

But the great news is that you can reprogram yourself.

Building an abundance mindset is one of the outcomes of our Business Trifecta Bootcamp, which will be held this October 28-29 in Orlando Florida. Click here to book a call to learn more.

In the meantime, here's more on the abundance vs. scarcity programming (thanks to Leyla Gulen of Fox 24 Charleston for this interview)...

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Do you make your most creative decisions from a state of fear, or a state of love?

Do you have the freedom and fulfillment in your life? Not sure? Then let's explore your Freedom Index...

All that and more this edition of Back Porch Session LIVE (streamed live on 6.26.21).

  • Curt Mercadante

Can you trace your current core (even bogus) beliefs back to when you were only seven years old?


Dr. Bruce Lipton has written extensively about the first even years of our lives being a time in which we are most susceptible to being programmed by our environment, our parents, our peers, and others around us.

Randy Gage, four-time New York Times bestselling author and hall of fame keynote speaker, agrees with Dr. Lipton. As Randy writes in his new book, Radical Rebirth, and as we discuss in our upcoming of the Fear, Love, & Creativity Podcast, we were programmed with our core beliefs, habits, and behaviors at a very early age.

Check out this clip from our interview (to which you can listen by subscribing to the Fear, Love, & Creativity Podcast.)

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